Commercial Property Insurance Claims in Orlando

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Business owners have to protect their business assets against many different kinds of risk, from employment issues to inventory maintenance. In Central Florida, weather damage is a significant risk for businesses that operate “brick and mortar” locations. Wind, rain, hail, and hurricanes do not discriminate between homes, offices, retail locations, warehouses, and other buildings. This is why commercial property insurance is so important for business owners. Insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind that, if a Florida business suffers damage, some relief will be available. Wrongful denials of commercial property insurance claims violate the contract between a business and its insurer.

Wrongful Denial of Commercial Property Claims

Insurance companies investigate and analyze every claim for property damage thoroughly and carefully. This makes sense from their point of view. They are also businesses, and they have to protect themselves against fraudulent claims just like other businesses have to protect against various forms of loss. The problem comes when insurance companies deny valid claims, either because they made a mistake or because they are acting in bad faith.

After many years of practice, the insurance industry has gotten very good at phrasing wrongful property insurance claim denials in ways that do not sound wrongful at first glance. Scratch the surface a little, though, and the problems with the denial become apparent.

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