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You have damage to your home. You’ve made call after call to your insurance company, and you’re tired. You’re growing frustrated and feeling helpless while your family feels unsafe in the place they should feel most secure. Let us stand up for you and get the justice you need.

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We'll take the weight off your shoulders.

Most homeowners don’t understand the extent of their coverages and rights, causing complications and confusion when it comes to resolving their home’s storm related issues and needs. We become the advocates you need to have the necessary service and work done right, from start to finish, allowing you to get back to living your life.

Don’t waste more time making calls and scheduling time with inspectors that will get you nowhere.

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Here at Cordova Law Firm, we will provide support and assistance so that your experience with us is efficient and stress-free. We know you’ve been through a lot, so we strive for timely resolutions that are in line with getting you back to everyday life by ensuring a successful result for you and your family.


We're a team of attorneys with a proven track record of successful cases with over 25 years of combined legal expertise.


We offer customized legal strategies tailored to each client’s needs with a willingness to explore all potential options for obtaining fair compensation through settlements.


We are dedicated to providing personalized, responsive services tailored to each client's individual needs; we're readily available to answer any questions or concerns.


We're compassionate and supportive counsel that understands the emotional toll of dealing with property loss or damages and working collaboratively with clients throughout the process.

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You deserve to be heard because getting the runaround from your insurance company isn’t fair to you and your family. Calling us is the first step to getting the justice you’re entitled to – even when if your insurance company disagrees.