What is a Wrongful Denial of a Property Insurance Claim?

Many insurance companies see denying valid claims as a way to boost the bottom line. They may provide reasons for denying coverage that sounds valid, but fall apart under scrutiny. We help home and business owners by providing that scrutiny. Reasons for denial of property insurance claims include:

  • The claim was not filed on time;
  • The policy does not cover the particular kind of damage;
  • The damage is from ordinary wear and tear;
  • The policyholder has not met their annual deductible;
  • The policyholder did not provide enough documentation of the damage;
  • The policyholder withheld information or misrepresented the amount of damage; or
  • The policyholder did not pay their premiums.

Just because an insurance company says this is why they denied a claim does not mean this is the real reason. Our law firm can evaluate your claim and help you obtain the benefits owed to you.